30 Shower Steamers | Aromatherapy | Love Me Not Flowers, Cupcake


You’ll get 30 individually wrapped shower steamers for this price.

To Use: Turn your shower into a spa by using one of our shower steamers.

Lay this tablet on the bottom floor of your shower and turn your water to its hottest setting while closing the door of your bathroom.

Allow the tablet to dissolve halfway before entering the shower.

Do not put shower steamer directly into the water stream because it needs steam in order to dissolve the proper way.

This would make the perfect gift for anyone, or even bridal shower favors as well.

You will get to select your scent at check out.

Our variety set includes random fragrances that we have in stock at the moment.

Ingredients: baking soda, citrus acid, cornstarch, distilled water, fragrance oils, Epsom salt, Almond oil

Made in United States of America


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